Photograph by Margaret Muza

Our Story

I wasn't always this obsessed with barbecue.  Eating it?  Sure.  But as far as cooking it, I was a novice who enjoyed smoking a rack of ribs every now and again on my rusted out Char-Griller offset.  That changed about 10 years ago with a trip to Austin, TX.  A friend somehow convinced me that waiting 4 hours in line at Franklin BBQ was a good use of time on a beautiful Friday morning.  A few bites of brisket were all it took to turn curiosity into obsession.  

I spent the next 10 years pouring through BBQ books, watching hundreds of hours of YouTube tutorials, and cooking BBQ in my driveway nearly every single weekend.  What started as an attempt to replicate a Franklin-level brisket, evolved into smoking anything and everything that could possibly be smoked on an offset smoker.  I made up my mind to turn this into a career one day, and set to trying to convince my wife, Cindi, to join me. Finally, in early 2022, the time was right and we left our careers to give it a shot.  

We simply hope to provide Milwaukee with a world class BBQ spot.  It is our goal to provide people with an experience that will stick with them every time we serve.

-Adam & Cindi Beilke
Sweet Smoke Barbecue

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